Reviews and Testimonials

“The Women’s Evening Group at Park Avenue Synagogue was pleased that Paxton Quigley presented her “Not An Easy Target” seminar to our members. Fifty-five women of all ages attended. We learned many preventive techniques that are vital for women living in New York City and also when they are traveling. Paxton’s seminar is participatory and enjoyable. We left feeling more empowered.”
Ronnie W. Parker
Co-President, WEG


Testimonials from the event at Baruch College, NYC, June 23, 2011

“Paxton Quigley graced us with her knowledge of self-defense for women at Baruch College. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of her seminars, it is a not be be missed event.”
Linda N.

“Paxton Quigley gave an excellent self defense course for women at Baruch College (NYC). There was so much value in just one hour. We saw a film, practical exercises, and learned safety tips in special situaitons–traveling, in the home, on the street, etc. Every woman would benefit from attending her session.”
Diana D.

Here are a few reviews for the Not An Easy Target book:

Clear, concise, necessary information for women
This book was a gift from my brother. I read the intro and couldn’t put it down! Quigley writes well, gives excellent examples and reasonable measures any of us can take to improve our awareness and our sense of security. This book, along with Gavin de Becker’s books (Gift of Fear and Protecting the Gift) are great gift ideas for women and parents. Very empowering.

A must read for all women
Paxton does a wonderful job of laying out the facts about attacks on women. AND what to do about it; it’s up to each of us to do our part and not depend on the police to be there when they are needed. Read this and read it again.

Enjoyed the book! Being in law enforcement, I read numerous tips I thought were great! I liked the way the book was divided up. If you are in crime prevention or give women’s safety presentations, I would get this book.

Good information for Women and Men
I have read this book several times along wtih Armed and Female and Stayin Alive. I had my wife read this and it changed her mind about gun ownership and self defense. She now has a pistol and we train together at the range every two weeks. Thanks Paxton for providing such an eye opener and for helping my wife make the decision to protect herself. I recommend this book for everyone

I learned a lot
I have to say, I was very impressed with this book. I work a job that would be considered unsafe for just about anybody. I am a Home visit nurse. I travel at night to unknown areas, sometimes in the worst part of town. I have been doing this for years, and I guess in my own way got “comfortable” with it. There were a lot of things I hadn’t thought about in protecting myself and this book really was an eyeopener. Women can be attacked at anytime and anywhere, it can be during the day, nice well lit areas, or at night. I wasn’t really sure what to do in a dangerous situation. Although it is ultimately up to us, this gives you great ideas for safety, protection and awareness of your environment. I sure am glad to have this book!

Buy this book! Even you guys
One of the best books available about self-protection. I am an NRA Pistol And personal Protecton Instructor and I recommend and I even buy and GIVE this book to my students. It is NOT JUST FOR WOWEN! MEN (as well as women): READ THIS BOOK! — DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BECOME AN EASY TARGET! This book should be required reading for intelligent adults.