What would you change?

Sunday, December 16, 2012 @ 06:12 PM

I know that we feel terrible and very sad about what happened in Connecticut last week. The horrific incident has led many of us to question not only why it occurred, but how such senseless violent acts can be stopped.

These are some questions that have been posed by people in the media? Do we need more laws? Do we need better community mental health outreach? Is there too much media violence? Should teachers be trained and have guns in the classroom? Should more people be diagnosed with mental problems and be put on pharmaceutical drugs or are these “legal” drugs the problem that causes violence?

I’d like to know your opinions and feelings on the subject and would appreciate if you would write your opinions.

Be Safe,
Paxton Quigley

You Are Invited to a Special Event

Saturday, March 24, 2012 @ 03:03 AM

Paxton Quigley, authority on Women’s Personal Safety, presents:
Not An Easy Target
A program for Mothers, Daughters (16 and older) and Grandmothers

Discussing easy Techniques on Women Protecting Themselves

  • In your business: in the car, at Open Houses, in client homes
  • In your home: locks, lighting, alarms, phones, dogs
  • In your travels: hotels, hallways, elevators, cruise ships, airports


Join us for this Informative Program

Date: Thursday, April 12th, 2012
Time: 1 to 2:30 pm
Location: Darien Community Association
274 Middlesex Road, Darien, CT

Cost: $20 for the benefit of the Sunshine Kids Foundation

RSVP: jenniferrizzo@prudentialCT.com or 203-655-5114


Women’s Self Defense Basics in 8 Minutes

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 @ 06:01 PM

“We are delighted that Paxton Quigley presented her “Not An Easy Target” seminar to our employees. With daily news reports of increased muggings, gropings, subway robberies and rapes, I felt it was vital and my responsibility to provide the women in my agency access to Paxton Quigley. The response from our staff was overwhelmingly positive and they felt empowered after learning her personal protection safety techniques.”

Maureen Lippe, President
Lippe Taylor Public Relations
New York, New York

…After lunch I went over to the Carlisle Per Se Collection on East 52nd Street where I was interviewing Paxton Quigley about her course in Women’s Self Defense.

Pax is an old friend of mine. I met her thirty years ago when she was an executive with Playboy in L.A. Several years later she developed an interest in guns. I remember when she told me about the idea. I don’t know where she was but she had a boyfriend at the time who lived or worked on a ranch. She was with him one day in a gun store when it occurred to her that women are afraid of guns because they don’t know how to shoot correctly, properly and carefully.

Paxton stalked by DPC. Paxton is wearing one of Carlisle's autumn creations, great looking I have to say.

Paxton grabbed from behind by DPC

Scream at your attacker!

She wrote a book after that called Not An Easy Target. I think it’s still available. She’s written an updated version because she’s learned a lot more not only about guns but about the matter of women being able to defend themselves when under threat.
It’s a complicated issue and I’m going to write about it more at another time. But yesterday’s event – there were about fifty women from 20-somethings to 60-somethings, many professional – was very successful. And fun. I think many of the guests could have stayed long after the hour was over because everyone was riveted.

Pax is really good at teaching women What To Do (sans guns). But that’s for another Diary.

Paxton Quigley, Carol Ostrow, and Lisa Carnoy.

Iris Rossi and Jeanne Mitchell.

Evelyn Gellman and Carol Cohen.

Judith Agisim and Ellen Easton.

Lauren Ezersky.

Antonia Milonas and Margo Langenberg.

Viva Bhogaita.

Fern Mallis and Sharon Hoge.

Junto Yamada Cusick and Kathleen Kirkwood.

Anita Sarko.

Maggie Norris.

Jean Shafiroff, Judith Agisim, and Alice Judelson.

Victoria Moran, Magda Katz, and Carol Ostrow.

Wendy Moonan and Mickey Ateyeh.

Ann Rapp and DPC.

Magda Katz.

Victoria Moran and Lynette Dallas.

Kubotan self-defense training

Thursday, July 21, 2011 @ 08:07 PM

Please watch this video about how to use the Kubotan. The Kubotan is a very effective weapon for women. I was very fortunate to meet Mr. Kubota years ago in his studio in Glendale, California, when I I was writing my book, Not An Easy Target. He spent a number of hours with me showing me basic Kubotan “moves.” He taught me various wrist and neck-lock takedown, as well as how to use the baton to slash an attacker’s face and eyes. Today, in my seminars to women, I demonstrate how to use the weapon. When walk in parking lots and malls, I carry it in my strong hands with my keys dangling down from the end of it. I’ve noticed many people, especially men, eyeing it cautiously, and sometimes a person who seems intent on approaching me will shy away from me at the last moment. In an elevator one day, one man asked me whether I was an off-duty police officer: “I’ve seen cops carrying those,” he said. “I’m not a copy.” I told him, “but I’ve been trained by the police.” He didn’t say anything after that. Besides functioning as a deterrent, the mini-baton is a symbol to its owner. One of my students told me that when she holds her mini-baton, it prompts her to be aware of her surroundings. “It’s such a good reminder,” she says. “It keeps you on your toes.”

“Paxton Quigley graced us with her knowledge of self-defense for women at Baruch College. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of her seminars, it is a not be be missed event.”
Linda N.

“Paxton Quigley gave an excellent self defense course for women at Baruch College (NYC). There was so much value in just one hour. We saw a film, practical exercises, and learned safety tips in special situaitons–traveling, in the home, on the street, etc. Every woman would benefit from attending her session.”
Diana D.

Car Alert!

Thursday, May 5, 2011 @ 02:05 PM

A friend sent me this email and I am sending it on to my Friends.

“What will they think of next!

Wednesday, I approached my truck from the passenger side to place my computer bag (aka my man purse) in the front passenger seat.

As I reached to open the door I noticed there was a hole right under my door handle.
My first thought was, “someone has shot my truck !”
I began to think about it and inspect it a little closer and the “light” slowly began to come on.

I phoned my friend who owns a body shop and asked if he had any vehicles with damage to the doors that looked like a bullet hole.

“Yes, I see it all the time. Thieves have a punch and place it right under the door handle, knock a hole through, reach in and unlock it, just as if they have a key.

No alarms, broken glass or anything.

I then placed a call to my insurance agent and explained it to him I was puzzled that they left my GPS and all other belongings. Here is where it gets scary !

“Oh no, he said, they want the break-in to be so subtle that you don’t even realize it.

They look at your GPS to see where “home” is. (They can also get your home address off of your insurance card if it’s in the car. You should keep it in your wallet for this reason.)

Now they know what you drive, go to your home, and if your vehicle isn’t there they assume you aren’t and break in your home.”

He says they will even leave a purse or wallet and only
take one or two credit cards.

By the time you realize there has been a theft, they may have already had a couple days or more to use them.

I didn’t realize my situation for two full days!

They even give you the courtesy of re-locking your doors for you.

Periodically walk around your car, daily if you are in a shopping center or other parking area.”

Please report thefts immediately….
your bank w/missing check numbers,
your credit card agencies, police,
and insurance companies, etc.

Pepper Spray is “Hot” Again

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 @ 08:04 PM

Many years ago, people–especially women–were carrying small pepper spray canisters on their keychains. For some reason, that trend died away, but frankly, I think it is a very good
idea for pepper spray to be carried again. Recently, there have been more and more news reports of rape, murder and kidnap and I recommend that women purchase these small canisters. Also, over the years, the pepper spray has become even better.

Sixty Minutes

Thursday, April 21, 2011 @ 06:04 PM

If you haven’t seen last Sunday’s segment on a female college athlete’s rape, please go to the Sixty Minutes website. Also, read the comments–some of which are quite disgusting.

Tip For Women Travelers

Monday, April 18, 2011 @ 02:04 PM

Please be careful of giving out your business card on an airplane to your seat-mate. A woman on bestforyou.com said she began getting suggestive emails from the man, as well as a letter.